A Survey of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats

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Public Policy and Administration Review

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In recent years, the significant differences in views on political and social issues have been studied in attempts to identify the disparities as well as the bases and sources in order to bridge the divide toward a unified America. The resulting effects continue to be dire and in many cases are worsening. This study attempts to examine the extent to which the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats has developed and implemented a framework for political participation in Texas that brings together Texas democrats from various races, ethnicities, cultures, religious persuasions and backgrounds to address issues that they believe impact their respective communities. The three overwhelming issues chosen were Income Inequality, Voting Rights Protection, and the Cost of Health Care and Prescription Drugs with 83.33% of the respondents choosing one of these three issues. The other three issue options in descending order were Crime Prevention and Public Safety, Climate Change and Environmental Injustice. Based on the overall data gleaned from participants in this study, it is clear that the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats has develop an ideological framework as a viable political organization in Texas and in this organization has proved to be a credible advocacy group that speaks to the policy positions that should be seriously considered and supported by Texans.

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Texas Coalition of Black Democrats, Political Participation, African-American, Income Inequality, Voting Rights Protection, Social Justice, Green New Deal, Medicare for all


Political Science | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration