Submissions from 2021


Racial and ethnic disparities in subjective cognitive decline: a closer look, United States, 2015–2018, Sangeeta Gupta


COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in Delaware’s Underserved Communities, Sharron Xuanren Wang

Submissions from 2020


Accessing Alternative Response Payways: A Multi-Level Examination of Family and Community Factors on Race Equity, Tana Connell

Validation of Helicopter Parenting: An Examination of Measures and Psychological Outcomes, Michelle Andrea Ratcliff

The Traumatic Impact of Structural Racism on African Americans, Gwendolyn Scott-Jones

Submissions from 2019

Examining Strategies Used to Address At-Risk Students by High School Leaders: A Multiple Case Study, Geraldine Atkins-Siddiq


Examining university food systems: understanding student food insecurity levels and food waste at minority-serving institutions, Amy Gootee-Ash

Submissions from 2018


Perceptions of rural school mental health services: a focus group study, Amy D. Habeger


Supporting families through the application of a rural pediatric integrated care model, Amy D. Habeger


Access to Transportation and Health Care Visits for Medicaid Enrollees With Diabetes: Medicaid Transportation and Diabetes Visits, Leela V. Thomas

Submissions from 2017

Assessing Health Trends and Disparities of College-aged Students at a Mid-Atlantic HBCU, Megan A. Rothermel

Submissions from 2016

Domestic Violence, Mass Shootings, and Gun Control: A Public Health, Criminal Justice, and Civil Rights Issue, Eleanor M. Kiesel

Submissions from 2015

Domestic violence and custody/visitation: Exploring young adult women's perceptions of their childhood experiences, Eleanor M. Kiesel


The relationship of gross motor acquisition to pre-academic success in a group of pre-school students enrolled in an early intervention program, Knolan Rawlins


Clearing the air on special education: Informing parents as a critical first step, George W. Semich

Submissions from 2014


Nonemergency Medical Transportation and Health Care Visits among Chronically Ill Urban and Rural Medicaid Beneficiaries, Leela V. Thomas

Submissions from 2011

Psychological Africanity as racial identity: Validation of African American multidimensional racial identity scale, Black personality questionnaire, and cultural misorientation scale, Daudi Ajani Ya Azibo

Submissions from 2009

Physical Activity, Distressed Behavior, and Time-on-task in a Child with Autism, Knolan C. Rawlins

Submissions from 1999


Job Satisfaction and Intent to Continue Working among Individuals with Serious Mental Illness, P. Philip Tan

Submissions from 1994


Beliefs About Smoking and Diabetes Care, Debra Haire-Joshu