Theorizing Africana Agrarian Social Movements: Towards a Transnational Perspective

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This discussion seeks to explore both the theoretical and historical significance of contemporary Africana agrarian social movements. Within the context of Africana Studies "land based" social movements have been marginalized and urban-based social movements are privileged. This exclusion, both theoretical and historical, has shaped the contours of social movement discourse within Africana studies. Old/new social movements however, are remerging in turn challenging previous held assumptions. We will reflect upon these movements using a transnational framework. In addition, this paper will reconsider Amilcar Cabral’s discussion on National Liberation and Culture as a theoretical basis to explore the linkages that exist between ecology, political economy, identity and land based social movements. In doing so we seek to "unearth" some of the core, normative assumptions associated with Africana Agrarianism and their capacity to expand our understanding of African emancipatory politics in the contemporary period.


Civil Rights, Climate


African American Studies | Geography | History | Political Science