Dimensions of Poverty in the Rural South.

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The major papers collected in this work were written by researchers who participated in a regional research project entitled "Isolation of Factors Related to Levels and Patterns of Living in the Rural South." Chapter 1 examines the low income rural family as an open system. Chapter 2 discusses research objectives and sample design. Chapter 3 focuses on socio-demographic variables of race, sex, age, education, occupation, farm status, number of children, and marital disruption as predictors of a rural family's level of poverty. Chapter 4 looks at uneven distribution of employment opportunities between blacks and whites. Chapter 5 discusses causes of poverty that reside in the society rather than in the individual. Chapters 6 and 7 deal with availability, use, and quality of agency services. Chapter 8 identifies factors related to participation in food stamp and health programs. Chapter 9 outlines the history of social services in the United States and notes present growing numbers of persons in need of public assistance. Chapters 10 and 11 present recommendations to help the poor, including increased role of state agencies and local community action groups. Chapter 12 contains an annotated bibliography of 40 entries. Appendices include the survey questionnaires and a list of 15 contributors. (JHZ)


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