The changing and challenging role of public administration: a universal issue.

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Politeia (02568845)

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In the present and future scenario of public administration, distinct challenges are and will be fixed. This research article discusses these challenges and solutions for a better future perspective of public administration. The changing role of public administration is associated with various paradigmatic shifts, viz, from despotism to democracy; from traditional public administration to new public administration/management; from an interdisciplinary to multi-disciplinary perspective; and from public administration to e-public administration. To face the new realities of liberalisation and globalisation, various conferences, discussion forums and workshops are being organised and working papers published universally, to consider these paradigmatic shifts and discuss the challenges associated with public administration. The vision of public administration is reliant on the performance of government. The intellectual and comprehensive interchange of ideas by the academic and administrative communities is needed to develop all aspects of this unique discipline. Learning from past mistakes and modifying the present intellectually will definitely lead to a brighter future for public administration.


Government, Democracy, Globalism, Liberalism


Public Affairs