The community’s experiences and perceptions of the Baltimore City police department survey report

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Consistent with IUR’s mission and the objectives of the Consent Decree, IUR conducted interviews of Baltimore residents between September 25, 2018 and June 30, 2019, investigating community opinions and views of policing in Baltimore using a survey. The IUR interviews included 645 participants. The results tell an important story about community attitudes toward policing. Simply put, the results reflect, through narrative reporting, what a large and diverse sample of people in Baltimore think about policing based on their perceptions and experiences involving the following: 1. Public Safety and Crime: The majority of participants disagreed or strongly disagreed that BPD effectively reduces crime and keeps people safe. 2. Satisfaction with and Trust in BPD: Satisfaction with and trust in BPD are low. However, participants reported feeling conditionally comfortable communicating with BPD “if and when they had to,” depending on factors such as who initiated the conversation. 3. Police-Community Engagement: Participants were more likely to report that BPD does not have a good working relationship with the community. However, participants reported wanting to build or improve relationships between BPD and their community. 4. Respect: The consistent finding throughout the interviews was that, in contrast to participants reporting that the BPD did not show respect toward civilians, participants reported that they themselves were more likely to treat the BPD with respect and less likely to treat the BPD with disrespect. 5. Fair and Equitable Policing: A majority of participants reported that they personally observed BPD engaging in racial profiling, engaging in excessive force, and using verbally abusive language towards civilians. 6. Misconduct/Discipline: A majority of participants disagreed or strongly disagreed that BPD officers are effectively held accountable for misconduct.






Morgan State University, Institute for Urban Research