Smart Village Initiatives: An Overview

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Smart Village Technology

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This chapter postulates that a smart village is built on the philosophy of a self-sustaining ecosystem, one that is capable of adapting to changing governance regimes and generating resources in order to augment human development. Education, health, sanitation, information connectivity, electrification, establishment of cottage and small-scale industries, etc. are the critical dimensions of a ‘smart village’. The entire globe today strives for a ‘Sustainable Development’ agenda that would include smart villages. As the chapter posits, rural-urban migration, and economic vulnerability stemming from unemployment could be prevented by rejuvenating rural infrastructure. The goal of this chapter is to discuss various smart village initiatives and technologies to improve the lives of people in the rural areas while respecting their local environment, beginning with the basic or first phase of development in which small technological initiatives can lead to healthier living.


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Additional author: Patnaik, Srikanta