Environmental Justice in Transportation Planning and Policy: A View From Practitioners and Other Stakeholders in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Region


Siddhartha Sen

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Journal Article

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Journal of Urban Technology

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Within transportation planning agencies there are different views about environmental justice concerns in transportation planning and policy. This article1 examines practitioners' and other stakeholders' views on environmental justice in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. metropolitan region and identifies the difficulties they face in implementing environmental justice. The article is timely since the literature on environmental justice in transportation planning and policy is relatively new2. In particular, little has been written on how practitioners deal with this issue. Examining practitioners' views on environmental justice is important because policy makers are still grappling with humanistic issues of transportation planning and policy such as environmental justice, equity, and citizen participation3. The article first presents an overview of the evolution of equity and public participation in transportation planning and policy, with a special emphasis on environmental justice. The next section presents the research methodology, followed by an analysis of qualitative interviews with transportation planners, practitioners, policymakers, and advocacy groups in transportation planning and policy in the Baltimore-Washington region. The paper ends with analysis of a focus group of stakeholders and concluding remarks.




Climate, Environmental Justice


Urban Studies and Planning