Interdisciplinary industrial ecology education: recommendations for an inclusive pedagogical model

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Journal Article

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Asia Pacific Journal of Education

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Industrial ecology education is being developed and delivered predominantly within the domains of engineering and management. Such an approach could prove somewhat limiting to the broader goal of developing industrial ecology as an integrated knowledge base inclusive of diverse disciplines, contributing to sustainable development. This paper hypothesizes that industrial ecology could be optimally delivered across broader disciplines if it were to be delivered as a supplemental knowledge among disciplines that engage with sustainable development education. Based on this hypothesis, a pedagogical experiment was devised and is presented here. This paper is descriptive, reflective and exploratory in approach, highlighting the challenges embedded in an interdisciplinary industrial ecology education, and recommending an inclusive pedagogical model to address the challenges. The intention is binary, to contribute towards the advancement of industrial ecology as an integrated knowledge base, and to introduce the concept of industrial ecology to the discipline of landscape architecture.




Climate, Sustainability


Urban Studies and Planning