A framework to assess sustainability of community-based water projects using multi-criteria analysis

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Conference Paper


First International Conference on Construction in Developing Countries (ICCIDC–I)

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The application of Monitoring and Evaluation systems to assess water facility projects has provided decision makers to plan for the sustanability of the future projects based on the performance of the existing projects. There are many subjective and objective opinions while determing the effectiveness of these projects. For the community–based projects, sustainability is a major cause of concern to all the stakeholders. Inorder to monitor and evaluate the sustainability of these projects, different indicators are identified for measuring their effectivenes. A framework for an integrated evaluation system is developed in this study using analytical hierarchy process for multiple-criteria decision making. There is much subjective information that needs to be quantified inorder to remove any bias in evaluator’s assesment of qualitative measures. A framework developed in this study in this study is then applied to assess the sustainability of the sixteen chosen water facility projects in Nepal. The results have shown that there is significant value of such framework in providing information and input for different decision-making levels.




Urban Studies and Planning