Use Recycled Concrete Aggregate as an Aggregate in Concrete-A Global Review and Current Status in the United States

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Transportation Research Board 97th Annual MeetingTransportation Research Board

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Demolished concrete accounts for 12% to 75% of the debris from construction depending on the nature of the constructed structure. Reuse recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) in concrete can create a sustainable end use and reduce the demand for natural aggregate. In order to practically use RCA in concrete production, firstly the material must virtually meet the requirements for natural aggregate; secondly the concrete design and production procedures may need slight adjustment to meet the end product's requirement; thirdly a financial assessment is necessary with considering the local recycling operation, concrete production operation, and the model to evaluate the financial effect of processing RCA and producing RCA concrete in lieu of normal concrete. Two groups of information are presented in this paper: (i) the results from a thorough review of the practice and research on RCA concrete worldwide, and (ii) the current practices in the United States based on recent surveys to state highway agencies, construction companies, and ready-mixed concrete suppliers.




Urban Studies and Planning

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Additional authors: Hunter, Brian; Peoples, Chris

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