Crowdsourced PrEP Promotion Messages for an HIV High-Burden Area: A Framework-Based Content Analysis

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AIDS Education and Prevention

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Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is an important and highly effective HIV prevention strategy, but its uptake remains low, particularly among marginalized populations at high risk of HIV. Innovative and community-driven promotion strategies, such as open contests, are needed to address disparities. This directed content analysis uses a PrEP-specific adaptation of the Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills (IMB) model to identify themes related to PrEP use reflected in community-generated submissions (n = 73) from an open contest conducted to elicit crowdsourced health promotion messages on PrEP in Baltimore, Maryland. In addition to identifying eight of the themes from the adapted IMB model, this analysis also identified two novel salient themes in the motivation category: self-worth/self-love and self-care practice. Findings from this analysis can inform PrEP promotion efforts by pointing to salient themes identified from a community-driven approach that are less well represented in existing research.




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Additional authors: Henry, Marcus; Moran, Meghan B; Page, Kathleen; Latkin, Carl A; Tucker, Joseph D; Yang, Cui