The Association Between Depressive Symptoms and Cognitive Functioning in Older Hispanic/Latino Adults Enrolled in an Exercise Intervention: Results From the “¡Caminemos!” Study

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Journal of Aging and Health

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Objective: We examined the association between depressive symptoms and cognitive functioning in older Hispanics/Latinos enrolled in an exercise intervention. Method: We analyzed baseline, 1-year, and 2-year in-person interview data collected from Hispanics/Latinos aged ≥60 years participating in an exercise intervention across 27 senior centers ( N = 572). Results: Mean age was 73.13 years; 77% female. At baseline, older adults screening positive for depression were 1.58 times more likely to experience cognitive impairment ( p = .04); controlling for demographics and comorbid chronic conditions. Compared to peers with little to no depressive symptoms, lower cognitive functioning scores were evident at each follow-up assessment point where elevated depressive symptoms were present, but baseline depression was not associated with cognitive function in longitudinal analyses. Discussion: In older Hispanics/Latinos enrolled in an exercise intervention, though baseline depression did not predict cognitive function over time, elevated symptoms of depression were associated with greater cognitive impairment at every point in this study.




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Additional authors: Tito, Lisett G.; Sarkisian, Catherine