African American Intergender Relationships a Theoretical Exploration of Roles, Patriarchy, and Love

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Journal Article

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Journal of Black Studies

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Current expectations of men andwomen in society have undergone tremendous changes concerning roles and the expression of intimacy within intergender relationships. African American intergender relationships have not escaped these changes. Three theoretical perspectives are offered to enrich the discussion on African American intergender relationships: patriarchy, role, and love. This article posits that African American intergender relationships are defined within some particular significant parameters like patriarchy, gender roles, love, and a history of enslavement and discrimination. Current discussions of such relationships miss their complexity when they omit these conceptual perspectives and the unique historical and present-day experiences of African Americans. The Million Woman and Million Man Marches have made healing, nurturing, atonement, love, and acceptance national priorities for African Americans. This article promotes the incorporation of the perspectives—patriarchy, role, and love—as avenues of contributing to an enriched debate that will be beneficial to such national priorities.




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