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Glen Doston, PhD

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The rise in computer usage, internet access, and online teaching have confined youth to indoor activities more than ever, which has led the youth toward a diminished understanding and appreciation for the great outdoors and physical activities. Low interest in renewable natural resources can be attributed to the same reason. To promote youth development through renewable natural resources and outdoor education, the Urban Forestry Program at Southern University has developed a series of youth education and development programs that provide opportunities for youth to explore and understand their environment, both the urban and natural aspects, through forestry field trips, summer urban forestry institutes, and school tree planting activities. Through these teaching and learning programs the faculty members provided meaningful outdoor hands-on activities to youth in Louisiana. The activities help youth to connect with the natural resources in the forests and wilderness settings. The activities are also helpful in the youth team building, strengthening self-esteem, and fostering a sense of overall well-being. Meanwhile, the activities serve as a vehicle for Southern University to reach out to high school students and to develop their interests in urban forestry and forestry.


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